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Boston Pole Fitness teaches, trains, and employs the best pole dance instructors in Boston! We offer comprehensive instructor training programs for all of our dance disciplines, conditioning, and flexibility classes. We provide the experience and knowledge to take you through your dance/fitness instructor training right into the classroom! Boston Pole Fitness Instructors are our most praised attribute, and enjoyed for their enthusiasm, encouragement by thousand of clients.

Once you graduate from our Instructor Training you will be confident and excited to welcome beginners to advanced students into the safe and welcoming atmosphere of your very own class!

Please note, while completing the Boston Pole Fitness Training Program, does not guarantee you a job at Boston Pole Fitness, we do hire exclusively from this program!

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A pole dance instructor is somebody who teaches others how to perform dance routines using a vertical pole as a means of delivering their fitness program or entertainment program. It requires significant strength, endurance, and flexibility, and as such, a “pole workout” delivers both aerobic and anaerobic fitness training. In reality, it is a mix of both dance and gymnastics.

• Maintain dance studio facilities so they are safe, clean, and welcoming.
• Prepare class instruction, so as to deliver a program that is suitable for student level of ability or pace of progression

There are no formal academic barriers to entry. Whilst it may be true that anybody can (theoretically) learn to pole dance, some people have a more natural ability to learn it, and so some experience of pole dancing, street dance, or disco can be beneficial. Some people also are able to deliver classroom-based instruction to others more easily, and so some experience of being in charge of a group-based activity is also very helpful.

• Ability to organize a lesson plan in advance of the class.
• Understanding the importance of being punctual and courteous is essential.
• Desire to build on and expand one's own knowledge of this particular form of dance.
• Desire to pass on knowledge to others, and teach in a positive way

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