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We are so excited to be running studio classes again!
However, as we’re sure you understand, we are opening under strict government guidelines.
All studio classes will have student/instructor requirements for safety and new protocols:

  1. Face coverings and/or masks are required to be worn inside our studio. If you arrive and do not have a mask and/or face covering you will not be allowed into the studio. Masks and/or face covering must cover your nose and mouth. If you forget a mask you can purchase one at the studio
  2. Students and instructors are required to wash and or sanitize their hands prior to entering BPF and in between classes. Sanitizers will be to the inside of the front door and in multiple places around the studio. No touching each other. Air Hugs, Air high 5’s only!
  3. All students (new, current and previous) will be asked to resign our liability waiver and new COVID waiver.
  4.  At this time we are asking instructors to keep limited physical contact with students. This means no hand spotting. Please conduct yourselves with consideration during class! Students should only be attempting tricks they feel confident in accomplishing. Please request Modifications to stay safe.
  5. Clean your entire area (pole, and floor) when you arrive and before you leave. As a general rule: once you’re in your square you don’t leave it.
  6. We encourage you to bring your own towel and alcohol spray bottle to class. The studio will provide individual towels and spray bottles to students as required. No sharing of towels or spray bottles.
  7. All students will enter through the back door and exit through the front. Doors will be locked 5 mins after class start time, so please arrive in a timely manner.
  8. Unfortunately, we have to ask that you move in and out of the studio as swiftly as possible, no hanging about socializing inside before & after classes. To limit the number of students in our studio during class transitions. You will have 5 mins after class ends to gather your belongings and vacate, as we need time to sanitize before the next class. If you book 2 classes in a row, please use the break to sanitize your area and wash your hands.
  9. The studio doors will be unlocked 5 mins prior to class start time, So please arrive ready for class.
  10. Please bring your own yoga mat to class.
  11. Limit the number of personal items you are bringing into the studio. Leave any bags/coats in your car and just bring your class essentials.
  12. All lessons, training times, and classes will be scheduled in MindBody to allow BPF to have a complete and accurate record of who is in the studio and when. If we learn from a student or staff member that they have tested positive for COVID-19, we will work with the local Department of Health to immediately inform every one who was present in the studio at the same time.
  13. Anyone calling the studio with COVID-19 related issues will remain subject to the current cancellation and late cancel policies and fees put in place until they can provide proof of a positive diagnostic test for the date in question. Furthermore, anyone suspected or Exposed to the COVID-19 virus will be placed on a suspension list from any studio-related activities for 10 days, or, until negative proof can be provided within the guidelines of a minimum 6  day quarantine period.
Thank you for Helping us Keep our Studio Safe!

Effective February 27 ,2022

COVID-19 Update

The new mask guidelines for both students and staff.

Following the recently updated CDC and Massachusetts State guidance for covid-19 safety protocol, we will no longer require masks for fully vaccinated students and staff as of Saturday, February 27th. In accordance with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Advisory that was be issued on February 27th. It will be your choice to wear a mask or not. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that if you have not been vaccinated for at least 2 weeks that you continue to wear a mask in the studios. This will be for your continued safety. We will not be asking for vacation cards because we know everyone will make the best choice for themselves and others in the BPF Community.

With these new guidelines, we want to recognize all the hard work and effort that has been put forth by our community and staff throughout this journey thus far.

We understand with this new state of normal, change can be difficult and sometimes feel scary or uncertain however, we believe with the guidance of the CDC, we are making the right decision to continue onward into new horizons.

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