Pole Classes

Intro to Pole

An introductory class that is required for all new students. Each student will learn hand/grip technique, pole terms, and basic pole form. Every student will learn at a different pace (we recommend taking the class at least 3 times). If you feel comfortable with the class movements, please sign up for Climb Clinic.

Climb ClinicThis is a beginner/intermediate class designed to help students condition, train, and master the art of the basic pole climb. Students will progress by building the strength and perfecting the proper technique it takes to have a strong basic climb. Whether you are new to pole or have been practicing for a while, this class will give you the knowledge to take your climb further, in a safe and progressive way.  You will need Climb Clinic to enroll in Pole 101.

Pole 101

Please take Intro to pole at least 3 times and Climb Clinic prior enrolling in Pole 101. You must know how to do basic spins and basic mounting/climbing. In this class we will take the basics you have learned in Intro to pole  and will begin creating simple combinations and sequences with them. We suggest taking your 101 classes with multiple instructors. Every instructor has their own style, so each instructor’s Pole 101 class will be different. 
High Beginner. *Teacher approval to move into 102*

Pole 102

You must complete the pole 101 program and be Fluent in pole vocabulary. You also need to take Beginner Inversions classes prior to enrolling in this class. You must know how to climb, invert, ( with out kicking into it ) invert through chopper and do an outside leg hang. In this class you will learn other climbing techniques, more advanced spins, and transitions between movements. 

Pole 103

Ready to take your pole journey to the next level of strength and grace? In this class, you will learn more challenging inversions, holds, and spins. You will be working on aerial moves and putting them together in combinations without returning to the floor, advanced tricks, and handsprings. Pole 102 (High Beginner & Intermediate) classes are required prior to enrolling to Pole 103. 
You must be able to do an aerial invert and hold an extended butterfly.

Pole Stretch & Balance

This class focuses on flexibility and balance. It consists of a variety of stretches, both on and off the pole, to help develop strength and agility to improve your ability to achieve splits, back bends, forearm stands and hand stands, as well as more advanced pole
All levels welcomed.

Pole Conditioning

A strength and conditioning class that uses the pole for an intense workout that will tone, tighten and transform your body. A great class to take as a perquisite for learning more advanced movements. This class applies Pole movements into an exercise form, so it’s a great class to take if you want to master beginner movements, while increasing your pole strength. 
All levels welcomed. (must have taken at least one pole Virgins class)

103 Power Pole

In this class we will build strength and go over proper techniques to do the “big” dynamic and hardcore strength moves you’ve been lusting after. You will learn proper body movement to master these tricks safely and take your pole repertoire to the next level. The last week of each month will be a handsprings and shoulder mount clinic where you can troubleshoot these tough but fundamental moves, and learn advancements and progressions from them. Modifications and variations will be offered, but it is recommended that you come to this class with a solid invert (from the ground) and can hold a butterfly (regular or extended).
Intermediate and Advanced.


An open-format class for students to practice and learn with supervision and individual instruction from a teacher. A great class for any student looking to master specific movements, work on technical skills, and form. This class helps develop strength in order to ‘pole-gress!’ This is a self guided class, so you will want to have some pole movements under your belt before taking this class. Pole 101 is a requirement before taking this class. 
All levels welcomed.

Friday Flow

This class is designed for  students to help them find their flow as their strength develop in Intro to pole  and 101. Students will build skills to incorporate fluidity and sensual movement into their pole form. A routine will be taught in each class containing floorwork, transition moves and techniques to inspire students to get creative and sexy with their flow. Kneepads highly recommended, stilettos welcomed!
All levels welcomed.

Stiletto Workout

Ladies, you asked for it, so here it is! Bring in your favorite pair of heels and leg warmers. Get ready show off your sexiness. This class will focus on creativity, floor work and club moves. A fun time for women looking to dance like a pro. Heels are optional.


Come and rebirth your sensuality and agility with our floorwork class. This sexy and sensual class will allow you to ignite or re-ignite the passionate flame within you. This creative class will teach you how to work the Floor in a way where eyes will not be able to peel themselves from you. 
All levels welcomed.


Come and get your sexy on with our energetic twerk-out class! Shake what your momma gave you and please don’t hold back! This Twerk class is going to have you bouncing all over the world with funky and fun genres of music. So bring your tail feathers and let’s Twerk IT Out! 
All levels welcomed.

Open Pole Practice

This is 55 minutes of uninstructed pole practice time. Come in and hook up your music and let loose, rehearse a routine, or just practice. An employee will be on hand to check you in, and in case of injury.
Prerequisite Notes: Please note that a drop in rate is $20 If you have a current 1, 2, 3, 6, or 12 month Unlimited monthly membership this is free. 
All levels welcomed.

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